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****Central CA TMS Center is MOVING****

New Year, New Location! 

We are growing and expanding, but will continue to provide excellent service to our patients utilizing an integrative approach with multiple modalities (TMS, Diet, Exercise, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Yoga, and Social Connectedness). 

New Address: 
2520 West Shaw Lane 
Suite 101C
Fresno, CA 93711 

Stay tuned for more details !!!

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Today is the last day of our November 30 day Time To Manifest Challenge! Thank you for following along and participating with us. Don’t worry, we will continue to post mental well being tips and tricks here on instagram and on our website ! 

**What was your favorite part of the challenge? Were there any areas you found difficult? Did you find any tips that worked for you? Let us know your thoughts! 

As the end of the year quickly approaches, we hope you continue to set daily goals and make your mental health a priority. Keep Manifesting You!

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**Meet MMA Fighter Alejandro Avalos**

                “Alejandro Avalos is a great example of a modern day gladiator.  He pushes his body to its limits to prepare for his fights. However, when he is not in training camp, he continues to stay physically and mentally focused! 
Alex believes in “staying ready”, so he doesn’t have to get ready. Having a full-time construction job alongside a physically demanding training schedule is what makes Alejandro a great example of a warrior in and out of the gym. His dedication to this lifestyle  has opened many doors and will continue to do so in the future.”

-Eren, TMS Coordinator 

**Check out Eren’s interview with Alejandro Avalos by visiting the Central CA TMS YouTube page! 

*YouTube link:

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**Meet SSG Hernandez**
He is a great example of consistent work ethic and turning opportunities into success. While living in various countries, SSG Hernandez has had to adapt his discipline multiple times, but he has remained true to his chosen lifestyle. SSG Hernandez focuses on healthy eating and a set exercise routine daily. Even with daily life tasks, like taking his son to school, he is able to maintain this discipline of healthy eating and exercises before he starts his day.  He has, like many, a very busy life; but he believes that a better self means a better person for friends, family, and the world. 

P.S. He is a great big brother, and I feel blessed to have a great example to look up to.

-Eren, TMS Coordinator 

**Check out Eren’s interviews with SSG Hernandez by visiting the Central CA TMS YouTube page! 

*YouTube link:

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Wishing everyone a safe holiday weekend! #gratitude #thanksgiving
Warrior Wednesday! 

Eren, TMS coordinator, here! So excited for all of you to meet Julia aka “Jules” for today’s Warrior Wednesday! 

“Her nickname answers the question, why her? She's Jules.

Julia is an inspiring woman. Through her consistent hard work and discipline she was able to lose weight and then went on to become the 559 Fights Womens Champion. A woman champion, a woman warrior. She knows what she wants and goes after it! In the words of Les Brown, ‘She is a no matter what person, she will achieve her goals no matter what.’ Amongst the hard work she executes, Julia possesses the ability to be everyone's friend. She always has a smile and good attitude.”

**Check out the Eren’s interview with Jules by visiting Central CA TMS YouTube page! 

YouTube link: 

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Have you met Mrs. Skeleton yet?
**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

**Stay Tuned — her name is still to be decided by office staff and will be revealed Monday, October 31st**

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She, like many of you, has been waiting for us to return to posting on instagram! We are so excited to bring you a mental wellbeing challenge for the month of November and more videos from Dr. Castillo!! 

Check back with us in the next few days and also visit our website, to learn more about the Time To Manifest 30 Day Mental Wellbeing Challenge. 

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Are you a True Crime fanatic? You’re going to want to check this one out! 

Episodes will be released weekly starting tomorrow, Tuesday October 25th! 

P.s Let us know if you can hear Dr. Castillo’s voice!! 
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“From Cavalry Audio and Executive Producer OSCAR ISAAC comes a new true crime podcast... THE ROSENBERG CASE: A TALE OF MURDER, CORRUPTION AND CONSPIRACY IN GUATEMALA.
Join writer and narrator, EDGAR CASTILLO, a first generation Guatemalan American as he explores the true story of the bizarre assassination of Rodrigo Rosenberg — an influential Guatemalan lawyer who was gunned down while on his Sunday morning bike ride in May of 2009. At his funeral, he posthumously released a YouTube video that declared, “If you’re seeing this video, it means that I've been murdered by President Alvaro Colom,” Guatemala's sitting President. The video unleashed a major political upheaval and one of the most unpredictable murder investigations in history.”

**You can also listen to Episodes a week early and ad free by subscribing to Cavalry+ on the Apple Podcasts App.

** Link for the trailer **

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A very big thank you to our community members that joined us for a dinner presentation on mental well being Wednesday Night. 

We were fortunate to have certified yoga instructor, Hailey Kinter, guide us through a 20 minute vinyasa flow, helping us find gratitude and reconnecting with mind, breath, body. 

Yoga demonstration was followed by Eren, a jiu jitsu athlete, who shared her personal journey with mental health & the power of martial arts. 

Dr. Castillo ended the presentation sharing the future of psychiatry in regards to medications, psychedelics , and TMS.

It was a fantastic community event with good conversation and good food. #psychiatry #community #social #mindfulness #meditation
*Pet Scans of the Brain : Differences of activity between normal brain & a depressed brain. (See previous video)
Today’s Thought Of The Day!! Check out videos part 1 & 2 in the next post to find out what this illustration is all about! #warrior #carriage #horses #desire #emotion #reason #mind #humannature
This is Dr. Castillo, It’s 5 o’clock, do you know where your mind is??
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