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Central California TMS

Amber Z

Age: 23
“I’ve had depression for about 7 years and been through 20 or more meds. My depression took control of my whole life, I couldn’t keep a job, do housework or take care of my daughter by myself. I noticed a significant difference about 2 weeks in. The staff put me at ease for the treatment, it was painless, my three year old come with and described it as a sound machine, it feels like a knocking sensation, but painless. I’d absolutely recommend this to someone whos depressed. I’ve loved the staff, they have been sweet, caring, and compassionate. It was nice to see there smiling faces everyday for 3 months.”


Age: 83
“The treatment was painless and felt like a “little woodpecker” was tapping on my head. I’ve had depression my whole life, and have seen about 4 or 5 psychiatrists. I’ve been on every anti-depression medication there is and I only felt some relief on Prozac for about 20 years. My depression gave me loss of appetite, isolation from friends and family. Work kept me going. I started feeling relief from my depression about 3 weeks into the TMS Therapy. The staff was kind, understanding, informative and had a sense of humor, I would definitely recommend the TMS treatment to someone battling depression.”


Age: 71
“I don’t feel any pain or discomfort[during treatment]. When I come here I just close my eyes and relax. I’ve been depressed most of my adult life. Within the last year, it got very bad. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate, I was crying all the time, and other people’s problems worried me. I had one psychiatrist that gave me pills. They controlled [my symptoms] for 3 months, but I had to keep going back to adjust the medications. Personally, I would recommend it[TMS]. I was hesitant at first, but I was willing to try it. The first two weeks [of TMS treatment] I was struggling, but I have noticed the difference. I don’t cry all the time. My body doesn’t feel as tense. It actually feels relaxed. I have come off a couple of meds and I’m so much better. Everyone here, Dr. Castillo, you and Jenny, is sweet, soft, and patient. Thank you to everyone.”

Shawn W.

Age: 35
My depression started again in November of 2021, but initially when I was 15 years old. Isolation was the biggest issue for me and being isolated I had the tendency to overeat or not eat all. It felt like I was detached. I was going through peaks and valleys and throughout there was absence in meaning to anything. After long it escalated to, why don’t you just kill yourself. Prior to TMS I was on medications but I didn’t find them effective. Maybe there were some good days but all symptoms were still there [suicide thoughts]. Knowing that there was an alternative [to medication] I was optimistic. After TMS I felt emotions, I have never felt in my life and it amplified throughout. I was able to learn about myself. It allowed me to become aware of those around me and figure out that I can’t help others before I help myself. The staff (of Central CA TMS) I Love Them! They are nice, great to talk to, very attentive. They have a good sense of humor. They bring color into this world! I would recommend TMS treatment, a great treatment without medications! The populous I work with are already overmedicated. TMS treatment gives the option to be better without medication. It is an option where we don’t mask but address the underlying issue. I am very thankful to Dr. Castillo and his wonderful staff!


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