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At the American Psychiatric Association meeting in May,2018 Dr. Martin Furman from the University of Maimonides, Buenos Aires, Argentina, presented a randomized study showing marked improvements in depressive symptoms after a series of postural exercises.Two set of exercises, one minute each were repeated 4 times a day every day for 12 weeks. One type was “equilibrium exercise”, raising both arms and flexing one lower limb and then the other. Each flex was maintained for 15 seconds. In the other type of exercise the patient was asked to hold a pencil between the teeth and “smile” for 1 minute. The results were impressive, Reductions in the Ham-D 17 and the Beck Depression inventory scales were significant. Tai Chi exercises emphasize equilibrium and are known to help with depression and significantly reduce anxiety. Yoga posturing combined with verbal expressions of gratitude also have shown benefits for stress, anxiety and depression.Exercise in general improve mood in a variety of circumstances. Dr. Furman has been working with Dr. Tomas Ortiz-Alonzo a psychiatrist from the University Complutense of Madrid. Dr. Ortiz-Alonzo has pioneered this type of investigation for the past several years. According to Dr. Furman, “feedback of the muscular and facial skin afferents has been associated with modulation of neural activity within the central circuit of emotions”