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Dr. Edgar Castillo -
 febrero 11, 2022

An experimental depression treatment uses electric currents to bring relief

Eleanor Cole, Ph.D., demonstrates the treatment on trial participant Deirdre Lehman in May 2019 at the Stanford Brain Stimulation Lab. Steve Fisch for Stanford Medicine After 40 years of fighting debilitating depression, Emma was on the brink. "I was suicidal," said Emma, a 59-year-old Bay Area resident. NPR is not using her full name at […]
Dr. Edgar Castillo -
 febrero 27, 2019

Treating Depressions with TMS

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS, is a non-invasive, and effective treatment for depression without the multiple side effects caused by medication treatment. Hear from a patient who says it changed her life. Call the Central California TMS Center for more information.
Dr. Edgar Castillo -
 noviembre 26, 2018

Medication-free Interventions for Depression

Medication-free Interventions for Depression These treatments have been proven to be effective for mood disorders and are backed by scientific research: 1. Exercise The last thing a depressed person wants to do is exercise but it is well known that regular physical activity elevates the mood and provides a sense of well being. This is […]
Dr. Edgar Castillo -
 noviembre 22, 2018

Glutamate Levels May Predict Outcomes of Patients at Risk of Psychosis

Changes in hippocampal function are believed to play a role in the onset of psychosis. A study published today in JAMA Psychiatry suggests that the concentration of the neurotransmitter glutamate and several other metabolites in the hippocampus may offer clues about patients who are most likely to transition to psychosis. The findings suggest that measuring […]
Dr. Edgar Castillo -
 noviembre 5, 2018

The Biology of Mental health

It has been established with certainty that regular exercise (aerobic or anaerobic) is beneficial to one's overall health. This is especially true if combined with a regimen that includes a balanced diet with plenty of fruit ,nuts and vegetables. Lately, there has been a series of studies linking physical exercise to improvement of mood and […]
Dr. Edgar Castillo -
 octubre 29, 2018

In despair from major depression, I turned to a last resort: Magnets

For most of my 46 years, I have battled mild to severe depression and anxiety. Mood disorders run like a sticky red tape through my family, so it wasn't a surprise that I needed a psychiatrist's care starting as a young child. He helped me push on through middle and high school. But when I […]
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